Uncharted Fates 13

“Are you and your wife not soulmates Remi?” My eyes were on the exposed skin of his inner right wrist made visible by the satchel he carried over his shoulder.

He chuckled and I noticed the grin on his face. “Aye, we are not. Thank you again for meeting me in the market. Its customary for the shop owners to escort travelers to their shops in Bayla’s business district. The nobility is rather weary of outsiders”

“Not a problem, besides it works out best given our situation,” Caleb’s arms were clasped behind his back. His typical closed mouth smile on his lips.

Remi’s eyes widened briefly before his eyelids heavily drooped. A weak smile was on his lips as his examined Fletcher’s and mine wrists.

My right eyebrow raised. His daughter hadn’t even told her father why we were coming? She was more secretive then I anticipated. I went back to staring at his bare wrist. Did his wife never even give her soulmate a chance because she met him? Or did she lose him? Or maybe she knew both of them, but felt Remi was the one she was better suited to be with?

A flick to the side of my forehead brought me out of my thoughts. I let out a low hiss. My head whipped to my left. I glared at Fletcher. “What was that for?”

“You are getting into one of those moods where you are going to bombard the man with questions. Caleb and you both need to learn to respect people’s privacy,” Fletcher shoved his hand back into the pocket of his tan pants.

“If you’re so concerned about privacy, then why did you answer all of Caleb’s questions?” I crossed my arms over my chest, watching him out of the corner of my eye.

“I’m not explaining it considering it should be obvious,” His gaze drifted off to one of the various intricately built stone shops we passed. Dark red and grey stones filled in with mortar made up all the building in this small seaside town in Tessilia. By using the ever-vast boulders along the coast, the nobles made affordable, yet appealing buildings for the business district of the town. The cobblestone walkways were made from white boulders also from the coast and the cloth canopies were made from local plants in the forest. The whole of Tessilia tended to be resourceful in this way, preferring to be self-sufficient in favor of trading with the other countries. This stemming from the nobles fear that other countries would steal their lucrative business ventures.

I sighed. From what his company told me he’s very open with me, but I still felt he was closed off. The clicks of our boots echoed across the empty stretch of street while I took notice of the smell of fresh linen. My eyes casted upwards to see a servant woman hanging up laundry on a line on the rooftop of a building. People’s homes were likely above their shops in this part of town.

Remi let out another chuckle and flashed a big grin at both of us. “My darling Cornelia’s soulmate left her after she got sick with the Purowick Scale. He wasn’t infected and didn’t want to spend his life with a woman who could die in a blink. I met her several months after that when I became a member of a traveling merchant guild. We started off as friends and after several years I finally convinced her to set up an herbal shop with me as my wife,” He smiled fondly as his eyes lit up.

You could tell he truly loved her despite the fact that fate didn’t destine them together. You could say they took it into their own hands. My eyes drifted down to my own mate scar. I had always thought Fletcher was the right one because fate had intended it, but after his rejection, I had steeled myself to the possibility of love. I had unconsciously decided it was better to remain unattached from anyone, even Fletcher. But here he was back in my life, trying to build something between us. Did I want to trust my intended fate or did I want make my own?

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