When I moved back home from college one of my main goals was to find a church. I wanted a church where I could grow in my faith, but also get involved with a young adult group. I went to a church I had attended before college for a long time. I got involved with their young adult ministry and got into some small groups. Yet, I didn’t click with the people my age, so I stopped going to the church all together.

I spent a long time after that trying to find churches with young adult groups and then I would check out the group and when I ultimately ended up not liking the group I would look for another church. I didn’t even try the churches themselves like I should have been. I kept trying to find a church to make friends, instead of focusing on growing in my faith.

I kept at this trend until I landed at my home church. Its sad but, I attended Bible studies and other church events for a year before consistently going to services. Now, I finally am going consistently and its been fantastic. By giving God the chance, He has spoken to me greatly in only a few months of services.

If you were like me and got out of going to church, I encourage you to get back to church or try it. Church is a weekly way to connect and potentially hear from God. It also will help you grow your relationship with Him because just by going you are showing God that a relationship with Him is something you want to invest in. That makes God super happy because he wants a relationship with us! And as I said in my last post, if we want to hear from God we have to make the effort to connect with Him.