Age Wasn’t a Factor

The soft glow of the carousel’s lights lit up the snow falling in the night. It twinkled and sparkled like multicolored stars. I grinned as I directed my attention back to the people on the carousel. A man with buzzed light brown yet greying hair, tanned skin, and a beaming smile, swung his arm out to me. He mouthed ‘save me’ and tried to reach out further.

Chuckling, I reached back to him. He laughed as the carousel took him out of my view. I heard the murmurs of people around me and my eyes caught several of theirs. Shoving my hands into my pockets, I watched my breath puff into the air. These sorts of reactions from people weren’t new.

“Sydney!” The man from before bounded at me and scooped me up. My brown eyes locked with his green eyes, crinkling with wrinkles. Running my hands across his rough cheeks, I kissed him. He pressed me into him tighter and my arms slipped around his head and neck. If people were going to watch us wherever we go, we might as well give them a show.

Separating, he placed me back on the ground and grabbed my hand. I interlaced my smooth fingers with his slightly wrinkled ones. “Let’s grab something to eat Kit,” The smells of fried food wafted throughout the air and I licked my lips.

“Now your talking,” He pulled me past several women giving us dirty looks. I brushed some of my blond hair back with my left hand, my ring catching the light. One of them gasped and I smirked. I didn’t know it was so shocking to see two people happily in love?

“I sure got a troublemaker on my hands,” Kit grinned as he glanced at me and the other women we passed.

“Well, us youngins nowadays don’t know manners,” I narrowed my eyes at him and wiggled my eyebrows.

“Well, I like my woman being a bit wild,” He raised our joined hands and kissed my knuckles.

“And I like my man seasoned and mature,” I shouted as I squeezed his hand and glanced at all the people around us. Might as well let them know since our ages seemed to matter to them so much. But to love, age wasn’t a factor.

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