The soft glow of the carousel’s lights lit up the snow falling in the night. It twinkled and sparkled like multicolored stars. I grinned as I directed my attention back to the people on the carousel. A man with buzzed light brown yet greying hair, tanned skin and a beaming smile, swung his arm out […]

He actually wanted a to be together . After three years, now Fletcher wanted me. My fingernails dragged across my mate scar, unfortunately leaving it intact. This scar had been more trouble than good and it would probably continue. Sighing, I secured my gold, jewel encrusted cuff over it. It felt cold and heavy against […]

I yanked my slipping hood up as I shouldered my way through the crowded market. People cried out, swore, and one even tried to lunge at me, but I moved too quickly through the cobblestone square to catch any of it. My eyes glanced about for the biggest openings between the bodies that reeked of […]